New Release – Swaying the Opposition

Like many of you, I’d like to forget much of 2021. Of course, there were some precious moments, like seeing our grandchild grow into an amazing little boy, but the rest wasn’t so wonderful. What helped me make it through this annus horribilis, apart from my loving family, was my writing.

No matter what was going, I knew I could escape within the pages of my new book. The story, which required a great deal of research, allowed me to get away from the nastiness surrounding us these days.

So here it is, ready to share. Let’s hope we turn a page in 2022 and get to a better place together.

Big THANKS to Lauren from Romance4theBeach for providing this wonderful review.




Swaying the Opposition by D.M. Porters

What better way to start off the new year than with a captivating historical romance featuring two headstrong lead characters on opposing sides of a societal battle? We can’t help but wonder who will succeed first, the innocent beauty trying to sway this man to see her point of view, or the devilish rake hoping to sway said beauty into his bed. Crack this one open to find out for yourself!

What’s it About? 

Lady Aeryn Dunning believes love is fiction, a clever myth designed to control the weak. It was why marriage had never been an option for her growing up. But time changes that. Aeryn starts to feel like a burden on her family and yields to their wishes, accepting the hand of her father’s friend, the Honorable Lord Dunning. Kenneth is much older than her, but the politician is kind and compassionate, making him as good a choice as any. The two become more friends than lovers, but sadly, the marriage would be short-lived. Aeryn is left a wealthy widow, free to pursue a cause dear to her and her husband – saving children from factories and giving them the gift of learning.

Handsome Royce Garrington is a member of Parliament whose tragic past made him cold and uncaring. His arrogance is well-known, and his patience razor-thin. The young lord hates wasting time on inconsequential matters and sees the Factory Act as one of these. He believes the alleged abuses in factories exaggerated and urges the House to move on to more pressing issues.

Aeryn and Royce meet under the most extreme circumstances, and immediately he is drawn to the ravishing redhead. Aeryn knows of Lord Garrington; he is a scoundrel, and she should have nothing to do with him. But when the cad threatens her father’s reputation, Aeryn is forced to agree to a most scandalous arrangement with him. Neither is prepared for the torrent of emotions that would overwhelm them during their time together. Perhaps love does exist, and its power can sway the opposition.

First Impressions

Swaying the Opposition proves to be the kind of historical romance where you not only have the opportunity to witness the development of a young couples’ relationship from enemies to lovers, but you also learn something about the time period in question. At first I was a tad concerned that the rather heavy subject matter of child labor and corresponding injuries/fatalities in the midst of the Industrial Revolution would put a damper on the romance evolving between Lady Dunning and Lord Garrington, but the author actually does a phenomenal job of weaving the details of the Factory Act as a key feature into the romantic story line of the book. The two elements go hand-in-hand, and while you might need a tissue (I know I certainly did) a time or two as we witness the harsh realities of factory work in this era, there are plenty of other moments where you’ll want to stand up and cheer for the bravery and resilience of those who fought to bring about an end to these injustices. What better backdrop for two people on seemingly opposite sides of the aisle to find their way into each other’s arms?   

A Blackmail Scheme that Leads to Love

Aeryn proves to be the perfect boss lady of a heroine. She’s the kind of female lead you love to love. Not afraid to go after what she wants, she also does whatever is necessary for the betterment of those less fortunate than her, even if it means throwing societal pressures and expectations to the wayside. Does she ultimately succumb to the blackmail scheme devised by Lord Garrington to get her into his bed in return for his silence over her actions of trespassing to free a young girl from a harmful factory? Sure, but this really shouldn’t be construed as a matter of weakness, but almost as one of empowerment. I couldn’t help but applaud the author for her ability to highlight this scenario as a way for Aeryn to finally explore her sexuality for the first time in her life, and with a partner she actually wanted to say yes to. In a way, it felt as though this moment of blackmail was the excuse Aeryn needed to convince herself it was ok to give into the desire that Royce had awoken within her. You never for a moment think that Aeyrn was forced into a situation that she didn’t want to wholeheartedly explore herself. 

And that brings us to good ole Lord Garrington. Oh yeah, he’s the perfect cad you love to hate, but then grow to love. The story arch of Royce’s character from an unfeeling politician at the start of the novel to a loving partner by the end was probably my favorite aspect of the entire book. Lady Aeryn proves to be the catalyst for him to start looking at what his life has become, and not only question where things went wrong in the past, but also wonder how he might want to change things for the future. In spite of his wealth and stature in society, he doesn’t feel good enough for a woman of Aeryn’s integrity. For this very reason Royce goes through most of the novel believing he’ll never succeed in winning her over into his life permanently, and yet this surprisingly doesn’t stop him from ultimately succeeding (with some supplemental help from a lovable friendly butler) to change his ways for the better. His continued self-deprecation was in fact a crucial feature of his growth as a character, as we are convinced by the end that Royce wasn’t merely trying to change on the surface in the hopes of getting Aeryn back in his bed, but rather she inspired him to do some soul-searching of his own to see how he could become the man, friend and brother he once was. 

The Game of Politics

Politics play a critical role throughout this entire novel, not only in the logistics of the Factory Act itself, but also for the development of Royce’s character, his evolving romance with Aeryn, as well as the transition of a former friend to villainous foe. I remember at the very start of this novel thinking to myself, “it’s simply not believable that there would be such intense opposition, and from our lead male character no less, to the passing of a resolution which would safeguard women and children” to then having this eye-opening realization of “oh yeah…politics…that definitely tracks”. It was almost comically horrific to see how applicable some of the same debates and futile misunderstandings which permeated the political landscape of the era still ring true today. From Royce thinking the tales of abuse and disfigurement were merely overblown exaggerations not to be believed in the newspapers, to other politicians insisting previous legislation already dealt with the topic, and finally to wealthy businessmen arguing a change in regulations would cripple advancement and economic prosperity. Same arguments, different era. 

While these political debates were crucial to capturing our interest in the story as a whole, they also presented two problematic features for our characters that I wish had been addressed or altered in some way. Firstly, as previously discussed, Royce is initially presented to us as…well a bit of an ass. He staunchly opposes the Factory Act, and seemingly delights in arguing with members of the opposition in a way that makes their blood boil. Even though we ultimately see a change in character for Royce later on that makes us (and Aeryn) fall in love with him, the fact he could be so blasé and dismissive of child endangerment at the start of the novel was quite a turn off. We do see a brief mention that Royce believes there are more pressing issues at hand to discuss in Parliament, but we never really get a full insight into what he thinks those topics are. If we could have been privy to one or two other key pieces of legislature that he felt truly passionate about, and perhaps had even put a lot of time and energy into, he could possibly have been a more redeemable character to us, and Aeryn, earlier on. And this brings me to the second, and perhaps more pressing issue that this political opposition presents, which is that it’s a bit hard to understand why Aeryn was so smitten with Royce considering he essentially stood for everything she despised.

Don’t get me wrong, I was 100% rooting for them to come together by the end of the story, but I couldn’t help but feel as though the initial connection on Aeryn’s part for Royce was almost too steeped in sexual attraction at the start. This is a woman who has devoted most of her life to rescuing women and children from oppressive working conditions, and yet after a few tumbles between the sheets with Royce as part of his blackmail scheme she continues to think upon him fondly after he sends her back home. At this point in the story all she knows of his character is that he voraciously opposes the Factory Act every chance he gets, and that he’s an amazingly attentive lover. We as the readers get a few glimpses early on that there is more lying beneath the surface for this complicated man, as we are privy to his inner musings and changing ways, but Aeryn doesn’t necessarily see the same revelations at that point in time. Later on she learns more in conversations with his butler and adopted brother that Royce came from a complicated past that impacted who he became later in life, but during those early days of their interactions she simply knows him as the ruggedly handsome blackmailer who fights her father on the Parliament floor. This is another reason I had hoped we could have seen one other thing early on that Royce was passionate in arguing for, not against, as it could have been something for Aeryn to hold onto beyond their sexual connection as a reason she couldn’t push him out of her mind. 

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Stand-alone

Final Impressions: This read captured my interest from opening bell, and it was rather difficult to put down at times, as evidenced by the fact I finished reading it in just 3 days. We have a strong female lead, a troubling male lead in want of reform, and a slew of supplementary characters that bring the story to life. Sure, I would have enjoyed one or two more scenes involving Aeryn and Royce engaging together outside of the bedroom, but they were also so focused on each other when they weren’t together that you almost didn’t notice the physical distance. Almost 🙂 The time period setting was truly fascinating, and the political arguments presented were surprisingly reminiscent of those we still see made today across the aisles. This novel does present us with hope though. Hope that true love can not only be found, but that there are people who won’t stand down in standing up for what’s right.

Smut Level: Me oh my is it getting hot in here! There are plenty of instances of bodice ripping and being pushed up against closed doors/walls to make you swoon. 

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. 284 Pages

another great review by romance4thebeach

Nothing is more helpful to an author than receiving a review. It sheds a light on things we might not see ourselves. Be forewarned, there are a few spoilers in this one but hopefully they will want to make you read it more. Thank You, Lauren!

In the Shadow of the Hawthorn by D.M. Porters

A tale of childhood crushes, friendship, romance, greed and murder. In the Shadow of the Hawthorn takes us on a journey of discovery, and the realization that love can be one of the most powerful things of all.

First Impressions

When I first started reading this novel, it almost felt like I was coming in at the end of a story. A young woman left alone and pregnant, Julia is a talented baker of delicious confections in an upscale London eatery. She’s about to be forced out because of her delicate condition when she’s discovered and brought into the home of a loving older woman and her devoted husband. They treat her like the daughter they never had, and dote upon her and her newborn child as though finally realizing the happily ever after this woman has been waiting for her entire life. However, we soon discover that this isn’t Julia’s story. Instead it will revolve around her daughter, Emma, who follows in her mother’s culinary talents. But what will society permit when this lowly kitchen servant and a wealthy gentleman fall in love? And more importantly, how will one man’s greed come to shatter the perfect world this happy family has created for themselves?

Wait For It…

Not only does this novel seemingly commence with a happily ever after montage, but it takes some time for us to work our way through Emma’s youth into adulthood before we ultimately get to the crux of the story. I constantly felt as though I was waiting around for the other shoe to drop! Although we have to wait a bit before we come across the real turning point of the novel with a tragic crime, something I really appreciated as we proceeded along this journey was that the author manages to avoid some of the more common trappings and tropes you might initially expect to encounter with this kind of read.

For example, Emma and Theo are initially hesitant to give into their obvious feelings for each other. Especially Emma! While they engage in one steamy moment of indulgence, she tries to shut it down almost immediately following their afternoon tryst. After this seemingly final declaration, there was still quite a bit of novel remaining, so I assumed we’d encounter some kind of continual back and forth of we should…no wait we shouldn’t. Rinse and repeat. Or perhaps a misunderstanding where one of them might be tempted to give up on the other as they wait for the perfect timing of when they can finally be together. Instead we are granted with some interesting twists and turns to the plot that result in tragedy, surprise decisions and unexpected discoveries, but thankfully we never really encounter sheer frustration at the choices or actions of our protagonists. It was utterly refreshing!

Beyond the Romance

While this might be a tale of romance, there are two additional complementary themes which play major roles in how the events of this tale evolve: greed and class status. Our primary villain, as well as a few other minor supporting characters, carry out some shockingly dastardly deeds as a result of these motivations. Initially I found it hard to believe what depths some people would go to simply because of money. From denying a son true happiness, to a case of murder and abuse, all due to greed. At one point I thought, well this seems a tad outlandish and over-the-top in terms of a response. As the conclusion of the novel approached however, I had this moment of epiphany where I simply had to remind myself, “well of course this is plausible!!” Countless moments throughout history have been impacted because of these exact trivial impulses, and we still see cases of it to this very day. Honestly, it was a rather sobering realization. And yet, when you see the love and devotion this family and this couple feels for each other it seemingly allows for a ray of sunshine to break through the shadows.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Stand-Alone

Final Impressions: This was sort of a deceptive read at the beginning in that it presents itself as a seemingly happy familial tale that manages to hide away from the rules and cruelties of the outside world. However, eventually we see the shadows of tragedy encroach upon these selfless and caring people. While initially hesitant to pursue a relationship, it was refreshing and inspiring to see Emma and Theo stand by each other through it all, never giving up hope that one day they’d be able to come together in a loving embrace. There are a slew of entertaining characters presented in this read, and honestly I’d love if we had the chance to explore their individual stories further in subsequent novels. At times this fabulous supporting cast did detract too much attention away from our lead couple, but overall we have a unique historical romance which proves family is what you make it.

Smut Level: This was surprisingly steamy for a historical read!! Not only do we get a romantic hotel getaway, but we also have a mouth-watering scene in a rustic shed on Theo’s property.

Available on Kindle, Apple, Kobo and Barnes and Noble Press

my self-publishing journey (so far)

So I did it!

I cast the net out further into the ocean (so to speak).

A few years ago, after finishing my first novel, I considered publishing it traditionally and was quickly disenchanted. As a fledgling author still learning the craft, the odds of getting noticed by an agent or publisher were against me. I’d spend months, if not years trying to get a foot in the door, only to have my toes crushed. After 40 years in the business world, I had become a staunch realist and knew this would be the case.

Not one to stand still when faced with a challenge, I decided to explore self-publishing. I read the debates and reviewed the pros and cons, and for where I was as an author, it made sense. Would I ever consider going the traditional route if the stars aligned? Of course, I would. But this way, I could test the waters and get my stories out there, knowing it would be entirely up to me. I would get what I put into it.      

As I got the process going, I could not believe how much the self-publishing ecosystem had grown, especially with the advent of ease-of-use technology. There was a multitude of tools and support mechanisms to get your book in front of potential customers. These readers would be the ones to decide if your book was good enough, and I appreciated that.  

After investigating the details of each self-publishing option, I decided on Kindle Direct. And why not? It was the fastest-growing platform out there and part of the Amazon family. How could I go wrong? I signed up with KD and went full speed ahead.

I’ve been nothing but impressed with the ease of their publishing and marketing tools (Kindle Create is fantastic!). And the support from Amazon/Kindle has been phenomenal. I will continue to use Kindle, which I see as a must for any indie author.

I’ve sold my books in 14 countries, which I had not expected as a first-time indie author. (All pretty cool, I must say.) Still, it was a break-even endeavor given the marketing required.

Despite the sales I did get, I had still not created the following that would give me airtime with traditional publishers. The next step would be to expand my reach and to do this, I needed to consider other platforms like Apple Books, Barnes and Noble Press, and Kobo. Would they be as easy as Kindle, and would they be worth it in the end? It was time to find out.

One of the benefits that lured me to Kindle Direct in the first place, was the ability to enroll my novel in KDP Select. This option gives you access to exclusive promotional tools such as Kindle Countdown Deal and Free Book offers. You are also included in the Kindle Unlimited (KU) program. With KU, customers don’t purchase your book. Instead, they buy a monthly subscription, which allows them to read any book they want, so long as it was enrolled with KU. Authors get paid on a page-read basis, which can be very lucrative if your book becomes popular.

But here’s the catch – if you decide to go the KDP Select route, your book must be exclusive to Kindle. You have some smart cookies at Amazon, who know this will control the market. But in all fairness, this is business, and you do get something for this exclusivity. In some cases, my royalties from the pages read were higher than those from my book sales.

So, why would I want to consider other platforms if I’m so happy with Kindle, you ask?

Here’s why…

On Kindle, there are millions of books – millions.  You are a guppy in a vast ocean. Because of this, you need to work hard and have an impressive social media presence (as well as loyal readers) to make it out of oblivion. Search engines, keywords, algorithms, these can all be daunting at times. I wondered if the competition for readers would be as fierce on other platforms. The end game is to build a following, then they talk to two friends and so on and so on.

This was why I decided to test the waters with my fourth book. Although I did publish with Kindle, I didn’t enroll this book in KDP Select. Without exclusivity limitation, I was able to published it on the three other leading platforms (Apple, B & N, and Kobo) in addition to Kindle. The jury is out, but  I will keep you posted on my experiences with each.

As a start, I could not believe how easy it was to self-publish a book on those other platforms. I had not expected this. Formating, uploading, account sign-ups were all quite intuitive, and responses from each company when questions arose were excellent. I was pretty impressed with how, like Kindle, they supported the indie author. And this was all done with zero upfront costs on my part.

There’s no doubt publishing on various platforms takes more time. You need to use multiple sites and an array of programs to prep and submit your books. But in the end, the process wasn’t onerous. In fact, I had fun doing it.

I will need to market and promote my book, but that is a must regardless of the platform you use. I’m not as good as others at this, but I plan to focus on this aspect of the business in 2021.

I would enjoy responding to any questions you might have on this topic. I won’t say I’m an expert at it, but given I’m now published on multiple sites, I do have some (moderate) experience.

If you’ve ever thought of writing and publishing, don’t let the fears of jumping in stop you. The water is nice once you get used to it. 😊

Check out my new book – In the Shadow of the Hawthorn. Available where most other indie books are sold.

Write On,


This too shall pass…

In the last year, I’ve been quiet but not idle. My husband and I have settled blissfully into retirement, became grandparents, and faced unprecedented times like everyone else. We made the best of things, as always, looking for the silver lining.

I saw an anonymous quote regarding the pandemic that I loved.

This too shall pass,

It will feel like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

The author of this quote could not have been more right.

During our seclusion, I’ve written two more novels (finalizing both now) and reviewed my previously published ones. It is said that authors never really finish their books, and I certainly saw that as I was correcting and modifying a few things.

As I worked on my second novel, I recalled a blog I had written over a year ago. I read it over and smiled as it was as accurate today as it was back then.

Here it is again, in case you missed it…

While working on my second novel, I was emotionally touched by a very powerful scene I was developing. As I typed, tears streamed down my face. Although still in rough draft, this segment will be crucial in the book, and I am pleased with it even though it will be tough to read.

Indeed, other writers must feel this level of emotion when they write. And I’m convinced that, like me, these words will become their most cherished.

Author Manoj Arora had a brilliant response to the question of how a writer feels when they write, and I had to share:

“It’s chaos. And from that chaos, an idea appears. And you have to see it, you have to feel it. I’m not being abstract. It actually happens; you try to visualize everything, you try to talk and walk and think like your characters do, and you put yourself in the situations where your characters are just to see exactly how it feels…”

She was so right.

It’s when we get this absorbed that we create our best work. Writing is not a chore; it’s an extension of life, and the emotions and feelings we feel are what make the novel worth reading.

Write on.


Why not hunker down with a book – On Me

I know this is a time of confusion, worry, and dismay. We are all feeling it.

With many confined to their homes, I thought to offer my latest novel for free over the next few days. My hope is that some of you may get lost in the story, at least for a while.

Stay safe and wash your hands.


Writing and Retirement

When I woke up this morning, there were only 33 days, 785 hours, and 47,147 minutes to my retirement, but hey, who’s counting. Truthfully, I have been dreaming of this for months now. Although I enjoyed my career, reaching heights not thought possible when I was a fledgling accountant, I’ve eagerly looked forward to this next stage of my life. It would be a time of family, of doing the things on my own schedule, and, of course, a time to write.

I have dreamt of sitting outside, a nice glass of merlot close at hand, in our beautiful gazebo, where I would let the words flow from my fingers. It would be heaven on earth. But I’ve now learned, it could be more than that.

I did a bit of research (seems I do a lot of that lately) and found that writing in retirement is, in fact, therapeutic for the mind. Here I was, thinking I was going to do it for fun.
Science says I have been using the left side of my brain, the logical side, during my 35 years as an accountant. By switching to the right side of my brain, the creative side, I can continue to develop my mind, which can stem such diseases as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and others. With a grandfather who passed away from Alzheimer’s and many friends speaking of dementia in their family, writing could be a tonic for me (if it wasn’t already).

I see these benefits as bonuses given I planned to write anyway. I get lost in my stories and love where the words take me. All I can say is that these 33 days will not go fast enough…
Write on,

Free Promo Starts Today!

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To celebrate the launch of my final chapter in the Taylor Series, Taken From Love, I’m giving away the first in the series, Here and Then After, so that you can start your journey.

Here’s what people are saying:

“I can’t recommend book 1 enough. I have definitely fallen in love with this family, and this manor. Can’t wait to see what comes next in book 2!” – Review from Romance Novels for the Beach

“As I started reading this book I was surprised at how each of the characters were interesting in their own way. I couldn’t put this book down til the end. I hope there’s another one following this one. You will enjoy it.” – Kindle Customer

I hope you enjoy it too!


D.M. Porters

The Taylor Series – Done!

When I started on this journey a few years ago, the thought that I could publish a book, let alone three, was a dream at best. Despite the challenges, I started to write and the words just flowed. I had a story to tell, and couldn’t wait to share it.

Fast-forward two years and here I am, looking at my three-book series published on Amazon.  I am nowhere near done learning, and that excites me.

As I look to retirement in the next few months, I’m giddy like a child, knowing I’ll be able to spend even more time, improving my writing and further developing my style. I can’t wait to see where my next stories will take me.

In celebration of this newest release, I am gearing up for a Free Promotional Event where, starting on Friday, October 25th, you will be able to download my first book in the series, Here and Then After, as a gift.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.


D.M. Porters

It’s Here!

(Trumpets sounding in the background, and confetti everywhere!)

Yes, it’s finally here – the last release of the Taylor Series.

Taken From Love, tells the story of Gabriella Taylor, daughter of Sam and Beth from Here and Then After. A spirited girl, Gabriella needed adventure and got a boatload of it, pirates included. This, along with finding love, was certainly more than she expected.

I will admit; it was bittersweet to finish this novel as it meant the end of the series.

I enjoyed the characters and the world I had created and didn’t want it to end. It had provided me with a release I so needed at times. It was going to be sad to let it go.

I learned a great deal while writing these books, most importantly, that I had so much more to learn (like how to use commas properly – argh!), but I look forward to continuing to improve and grow as an author.

I’m currently working on my next book, which is intended to be a standalone historical romance.

Who knows, perhaps one day I will revisit the Taylors. They have, after all, meant so much to me along this fabulous journey. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this newest release.

D.M. Porters


Coming Soon!!!

My third and final book of the Taylor Series is almost ready!

I think its the most exciting of the three. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Release date : Mid-September 2019