Free kindle Weekend

Of all the books I’ve written, this one holds a special place in my heart. I was on its journey when I became a grandmother and lost my beloved younger brother. Both the joy of our new addition and the sadness of a life cut short show up in my words. At times, I must admit, the emotions got the best of me. But when I finished this novel, I stood back and was proud.

In Canada, this is a long weekend. It’s the time of year where we start anew, getting gardens planted and flowers growing after another long, cold winter. Here in the north, we feel each of our seasons and relish the warmth and promise, this particular time brings.

Why not enjoy the sun’s warmth with a free book. It’s a feel good story that we all need right now. Enjoy!



The past few years have been chaotic at best. At times, the feeling was like being on a high-speed highway with drivers zooming past us while we struggled to find an off-ramp. For some, the insanity was all too real, with lost loved ones, broken families, or ruined livelihoods. Others have lost their way, unable to find a path back. Trust in our institutions has been shattered, and it will take herculean efforts to regain it (if possible). Most were left alone to find a way to cope, and it has not been easy.

For me, the screams have been silenced through my faith, my family, and my writing. I would shut off the noise by losing myself in my story. And after many months and more writer’s blocks than I can remember, I completed my sixth novel, Portrait of Love. It took much longer than intended, but I blame myself for that. I allowed the nonsense surrounding us to crowd my mind, and the ideas weren’t as fluid. But I stuck to it, and the story emerged.    

The world is “not there yet.” But humans are resilient and inherently good. The past centuries have proven this many times over. We have the ability to turn bad situations into good ones, and I see this happening now. There is a shift, albeit the start of one, which gives me hope.     

While many challenges may still lie ahead, I believe the tides are turning, and we will find our elusive off-ramp. But we must work together, respect one another, and always take the high road.

Until then, I will find peace in my writing.

Write on,