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  • Free kindle Weekend

    Free kindle Weekend

    Of all the books I’ve written, this one holds a special place in my heart. I was on its journey when I became a grandmother and lost my beloved younger brother. Both the joy of our new addition and the sadness of a life… Read more



    The past few years have been chaotic at best. At times, the feeling was like being on a high-speed highway with drivers zooming past us while we struggled to find an off-ramp. For some, the insanity was all too real, with lost loved ones,… Read more

  • New Release – Swaying the Opposition

    New Release – Swaying the Opposition

    Like many of you, I’d like to forget much of 2021. Of course, there were some precious moments, like seeing our grandchild grow into an amazing little boy, but the rest wasn’t so wonderful. What helped me make it through this annus horribilis, apart… Read more

  • another great review by romance4thebeach

    another great review by romance4thebeach

    Nothing is more helpful to an author than receiving a review. It sheds a light on things we might not see ourselves. Be forewarned, there are a few spoilers in this one but hopefully they will want to make you read it more. Thank… Read more

  • my self-publishing journey (so far)

    my self-publishing journey (so far)

    So I did it! I cast the net out further into the ocean (so to speak). A few years ago, after finishing my first novel, I considered publishing it traditionally and was quickly disenchanted. As a fledgling author still learning the craft, the odds… Read more

  • This too shall pass…

    This too shall pass…

    In the last year, I’ve been quiet but not idle. My husband and I have settled blissfully into retirement, became grandparents, and faced unprecedented times like everyone else. We made the best of things, as always, looking for the silver lining. I saw an… Read more

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