About Me

An accountant by trade, I started writing as a release from the drudgery of numbers. I loved historical romances and had always wanted to write my own, but life ushered me down a different path. The years went by, but when others read my short stories and told me to take them further, I wondered and dreamt…

The dream became a reality.

In 2018, I published my first novel, Here and Then After, and in 2019, two more followed. I have not stopped since. I enjoy writing because it allows me to get lost in other worlds and create interesting characters.

Now retired, I can write on my own terms. I can’t wait to see where my stories will take me.

I live in Canada, happily married for 36 years to an amazing and supportive husband. We have two adult sons who are constant inspirations for my stories.

I have been blessed in life and in work. My hope is not only to write but also to share my experiences and empower those I touch, showing that anything can be accomplished if you set your mind to it.

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