It’s Here!

(Trumpets sounding in the background, and confetti everywhere!)

Yes, it’s finally here – the last release of the Taylor Series.

Taken From Love, tells the story of Gabriella Taylor, daughter of Sam and Beth from Here and Then After. A spirited girl, Gabriella needed adventure and got a boatload of it, pirates included. This, along with finding love, was certainly more than she expected.

I will admit; it was bittersweet to finish this novel as it meant the end of the series.

I enjoyed the characters and the world I had created and didn’t want it to end. It had provided me with a release I so needed at times. It was going to be sad to let it go.

I learned a great deal while writing these books, most importantly, that I had so much more to learn (like how to use commas properly – argh!), but I look forward to continuing to improve and grow as an author.

I’m currently working on my next book, which is intended to be a standalone historical romance.

Who knows, perhaps one day I will revisit the Taylors. They have, after all, meant so much to me along this fabulous journey. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this newest release.

D.M. Porters


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