This too shall pass…

In the last year, I’ve been quiet but not idle. My husband and I have settled blissfully into retirement, became grandparents, and faced unprecedented times like everyone else. We made the best of things, as always, looking for the silver lining.

I saw an anonymous quote regarding the pandemic that I loved.

This too shall pass,

It will feel like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

The author of this quote could not have been more right.

During our seclusion, I’ve written two more novels (finalizing both now) and reviewed my previously published ones. It is said that authors never really finish their books, and I certainly saw that as I was correcting and modifying a few things.

As I worked on my second novel, I recalled a blog I had written over a year ago. I read it over and smiled as it was as accurate today as it was back then.

Here it is again, in case you missed it…

While working on my second novel, I was emotionally touched by a very powerful scene I was developing. As I typed, tears streamed down my face. Although still in rough draft, this segment will be crucial in the book, and I am pleased with it even though it will be tough to read.

Indeed, other writers must feel this level of emotion when they write. And I’m convinced that, like me, these words will become their most cherished.

Author Manoj Arora had a brilliant response to the question of how a writer feels when they write, and I had to share:

“It’s chaos. And from that chaos, an idea appears. And you have to see it, you have to feel it. I’m not being abstract. It actually happens; you try to visualize everything, you try to talk and walk and think like your characters do, and you put yourself in the situations where your characters are just to see exactly how it feels…”

She was so right.

It’s when we get this absorbed that we create our best work. Writing is not a chore; it’s an extension of life, and the emotions and feelings we feel are what make the novel worth reading.

Write on.


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