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my self-publishing journey (so far)

So I did it! I cast the net out further into the ocean (so to speak). A few years ago, after finishing my first novel, I considered publishing it traditionally and was quickly disenchanted. As a fledgling author still learning the craft, the odds… Continue Reading “my self-publishing journey (so far)”

This too shall pass…

In the last year, I’ve been quiet but not idle. My husband and I have settled blissfully into retirement, became grandparents, and faced unprecedented times like everyone else. We made the best of things, as always, looking for the silver lining. I saw an… Continue Reading “This too shall pass…”

Writing and Retirement

When I woke up this morning, there were only 33 days, 785 hours, and 47,147 minutes to my retirement, but hey, who’s counting. Truthfully, I have been dreaming of this for months now. Although I enjoyed my career, reaching heights not thought possible when… Continue Reading “Writing and Retirement”

To edit or not to edit – There is no question!

When I began my foray into writing, I knew it would be difficult. I had read many advice columns, articles, and blogs on the subject hoping to glean as much as I could before delving into self-publishing. One area I struggled with was if… Continue Reading “To edit or not to edit – There is no question!”

Writing on a Cloud

We live in the most amazing times to be writers. The technology at our fingertips has made the craft easier than it’s ever been. It is likely the reason why so many fledgling authors like myself can successfully publish their works. We may not be… Continue Reading “Writing on a Cloud”

What do writers feel while writing?

While working on my second novel I was emotionally touched by a very powerful scene I was developing. It was to the point that as I typed, tears were streaming down my face. Although still in rough draft, the scene will be crucial in the… Continue Reading “What do writers feel while writing?”

The Benefits of an Honest Book Review

Recently, I received what I considered to be a wonderful review of my new novel. I could not have been more pleased. This was not from a friend or a family member forced to read my book because of close ties. No, this was from… Continue Reading “The Benefits of an Honest Book Review”