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Why not hunker down with a book – On Me

I know this is a time of confusion, worry, and dismay. We are all feeling it. With many confined to their homes, I thought to offer my latest novel for free over the next few days. My hope is that some of you may… Continue Reading “Why not hunker down with a book – On Me”

The Taylor Series – Done!

When I started on this journey a few years ago, the thought that I could publish a book, let alone three, was a dream at best. Despite the challenges, I started to write and the words just flowed. I had a story to tell,… Continue Reading “The Taylor Series – Done!”

Coming Soon!!!

My third and final book of the Taylor Series is almost ready! I think its the most exciting of the three. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Release date : Mid-September 2019  

Hot off the (Virtual) Press…

I am nothing short of excited for the release of my second novel When Hearts Break. It’s the story of William Taylor, son of Beth and Sam from my first novel, Here and Then After, and Alexandra Wright, the daughter of Ernest Wright, a brewmaster… Continue Reading “Hot off the (Virtual) Press…”

The Benefits of an Honest Book Review

Recently, I received what I considered to be a wonderful review of my new novel. I could not have been more pleased. This was not from a friend or a family member forced to read my book because of close ties. No, this was from… Continue Reading “The Benefits of an Honest Book Review”


After months of revisions, editing and content re-writes, my book is finally self-published! Let me say that after this journey, I am in awe at my colleagues who have penned numerous novels as this is no small feat. I have, nonetheless enjoyed it so… Continue Reading “HOT OFF THE (VIRTUAL) PRESS”

Coming Soon!!!

The dream is almost a reality.  My first book (of hopefully many) is currently being edited and will very soon, be ready for distribution.  It has been a wild ride from writing a story I just couldn’t get out of my head, to learning… Continue Reading “Coming Soon!!!”