What do writers feel while writing?

While working on my second novel I was emotionally touched by a very powerful scene I was developing. It was to the point that as I typed, tears were streaming down my face. Although still in rough draft, the scene will be crucial in the book and I am pleased with it even though it will be difficult to read it again.

Other writers must surely feel this level of emotion as they write. And I am convinced these must become their most cherished scenes.

Author Manoj Arora had a brilliant response to the question of how a writer feel when writing and I had to share:

“It’s chaos. And from that chaos, an idea appears. And you have to see it, you have to feel it. I’m not being abstract. It actually happens; you try to visualize everything, you try to talk and walk and think like your characters do and you put yourself in the situations where your characters are just to see exactly how it feels…”

Manoj could not have been more accurate.

It is when we get this absorbed that we create our best work. Writing is not a chore, it is an extension of life and the emotions and feelings we create are what make the novel worth reading.

Write on.


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