Writing on a Cloud

We live in the most amazing times to be writers. The technology at our fingertips has made the craft easier than it’s ever been. It is likely the reason why so many fledgling authors like myself can successfully publish their works. We may not be in the same stratosphere as an Atwood or a Dickens but we certainly have the ability to share our stories.

I can’t imagine how authors like Jane Austen and others of that vintage ever got through their manuscripts. Paper and ink were the only tools available to them. I suspect they wrote rewrote and rewrote again… We live in too much of a fast-paced world for this to work. We needed better solutions and we have them.

There are so many choices, Google Drive, Evernote, OneDrive, with all these platforms offering amazing options for writers including my favorite – auto-save (my hero!). Think of the writing possibilities. With a Cloud platform, you can access your manuscript anywhere you have a computer or mobile device available. When an idea strikes, you are at the ready. My platform of choice is OneDrive where I can use Word Online – fantastic!

I live with my iPad securely attached to my hand most of the time. It is literally with me 24/7 whether it is on the desk beside me at work or on my night table when I go to sleep. It is always there. Many a night I have awoken to jot down an idea which refuses to let me rest. You can also use this medium to collaborate with others.

With a full-time job and a love of writing, I needed tools which would allow me to benefit from every spare minute I had to write. The Cloud has done that for me. If you are already an author, I am likely preaching to the choir but if you are thinking of writing, look to the Clouds…

Write on!


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